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DFW Information Technologies SOTP Assistant

Introducing MEMPHIS

Robust • Comprehensive • Powerful

What you get out of the box

unlimited data storage

site to site data encryption

high-speed database system

nightly database backups

unlimited free customer support

Menu-driven Webpages

intuitive navigation

transition tasks with ease

use any device

touchscreen enabled

a breeze to use

easily complete tasks

add client information

delete clients

edit client information

it couldn't be easier


post payments in seconds

adjust payment information

robust payment system

feature rich

information at a glance

complete client history

payments and balances



quarterly earnings report

in-depth detailed history

blazing fast

client notes

generated behind the scenes

easily create a single note for a group

or create a single note for all groups

notes for absent clients and suspended payments completed for you

quickly edit any note at anytime

flows seamlessly into your monthly reports

track client progress

easily complete client evaluations

schedule polygraphs

insert notes

quickly record results

editing features


reports in a snap

easily generate pdf reports

collate by office

by officer

by client

generate payment reports

save reports to disk


help's never been easier

carefully detailed

every component covered

examples provided

individual help on each page

and did we mention?

unlimited free customer support ☎